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I’m the mother of two beautiful grown kids and also have two sweet grandchildren.  But I must admit, as much as I was excited to be a grandma, I wasn’t exactly fond of the idea of being called ‘grandma’. From the time I can remember, my grandmas looked like grandmas. Of course, I loved them dearly. But that Kimberly Blaker Guide to Parentinggeneration of grandmothers wasn’t exactly the epitome of youth. So throughout my daughter’s pregnancy, I racked my brain for something, anything, my soon-to-be granddaughter could call me that wouldn’t make me feel old. So I admit it. I have a big hangup about getting old.

In the process of brainstorming, I came up with a couple interesting (actually odd) names. Finally, I created Kika (for Kimberly Kae). My poor daughter, though she didn’t really object to me being called something other than grandma, was far from thrilled with the names I came up with, even Kika. Finally, a few months after my granddaughter was born, my daughter referred to me as ‘Gma’ one day, and it stuck. I’m happy to say, I’ve embraced it and love being a gma.

I’m also a freelance writer and began writing parenting articles for parents and women’s magazines when my kids were young. My syndicated articles on parenting have appeared in more than 200 parenting and lifestyle print and digital publications over the years, and I’m still writing parenting articles today.

So my background in parenting writing combined with my experience as a parent is what led to my idea for this blog. After raising two kids, I have plenty of insight and helpful advice to offer today’s parents as well as the many grandparents out there who are caring for or raising grandchildren.

The perfect mom syndrome

I can definitely say, I’ve seen a lot when it comes to raising kids.  My kids weren’t perfect and certainly tested my patience at times. Are there any kids who don’t? Still, they were great kids overall and have turned into kind and caring adults.

There’s no doubt, I wasn’t always the perfect mom either. I made my share of mistakes along the way for which I kicked myself many times over the years. I think that’s something most parents do. We expect ourselves to be perfect at the job of parenting despite no education or training for it. All-in-all though, after fighting my perfectionist-demon for many years, I’m able to look back at all the things I did right and accept I probably was a pretty darn good mom after all. At least, that’s what my mom always insists. Thanks for setting me straight, Mom!

Keeping parenting advice relevant and current

In addition to my experience as a parent, I’m a bibliophile. In fact, I owned and operated a rare and collectible books store for 13 years. I absolutely love reading and research.

Fun with my granddaughter. 2015

So whether I’m writing parenting articles for magazines or my own blog, I rarely rely solely on my own knowledge and experience. Before offering advice to parents, I like to verify my thinking is both sound and relevant to today’s families. There’s so much new information on so many issues that wasn’t available when I was raising kids. Not to mention, we’re living in a very different time when kids are constantly plugged-in to media, which brings both benefits and drawbacks. So you can rest assured, this Gma won’t offer outdated or irrelevant parenting advice. I completely get what it’s like to have an older generation offer parenting advice that contradicts current thinking or simply no longer applies.

What you can expect

In my blog, I’ll guide you through every aspect of parenting and every phase of your child’s development from birth right on through the teen years. In fact, since parents never stop being parents, I’ll also touch on some of the topics parents often contend with once their kids are grown and gone from home. The following are some of the broader topics you can expect to find in my blog.

  • Fun and educational kids games, toys, and activities
  • Family fun and travel
  • Stages of development
  • Child health and mental health
  • Child safety
  • Education
  • Issues such as discipline, tantrums, bullying, running away, and much more
  • Family finance and how to keep costs down
  • Holidays with kids
  • Finding balance and taking care of yourself and your relationship
  • Special issues for grandparents raising grandkids
  • Anything else you’d like me to cover

You can count on a new post from me 1 to 3 times a week.

My favorite (only) grandkids.


Also, I’ll be featuring guest posts by other parents and even by a few grandparents who are now raising their grandkids. This will provide you an even broader

variety of topics, ideas, and insight on raising kids.

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