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Are you a parent or grandparent? If so, I invite you to send me your submissions or tell me what you’d like to write about for consideration in Modern FamilyStyle blog.

I’m looking for parents, young and old, who’d like to offer helpful advice, tips, and ideas to both parents and grandparents. Here are a few categories for which I’m looking for great blog posts:

  • Family fun
  • Cooking and food
  • Crafts and activities
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Caring for babies
  • Stages of development
  • Education
  • Tweens & teens
  • Parenting issues
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Holidays
  • Seasonal
  • Home
  • Relationships
  • Grandparenting


You don’t have to be a professional writer to contribute. However, you should have good writing skills. If you’re submitting an idea, please tell me a little about your writing background if you have professional writing or blog experience. Also, send me links to samples of your writing. If you don’t have experience, that’s okay. But bear in mind, I’ll have to see your written piece before I can confirm it will be published. I also accept articles and posts that have been published elsewhere as long as you own full rights to the work.

I’m looking for blog posts that provide value to parents. I’m not looking for rantings or opinion pieces. I will consider well-written humorous essays on parenting as well as essays that contribute something meaningful or helpful to parents. However, I’m primarily looking for informative pieces. These pieces should have an introduction that helps parents relate to you or your experience. Introductions should also grab readers’ attention. In informative or service pieces, you’re welcome to use humor where appropriate, if that’s your style.

write parenting blog postsIn your contribution, avoid talking down to parents or criticizing today’s parents or their kids. If you’re a grandparent, your wisdom is welcome and valued. At the same time, realize times have changed. We grandparents did a lot of things right raising our kids and have plenty of good advice to share. At the same time, today’s parents face additional challenges we didn’t. They (and we) are also living in the information age. So the advice we offer should be supported by the breadth of knowledge available today. In other words, if studies now show something we did (or didn’t do) as parents isn’t good for one reason or another, we should respect the new body of evidence rather than insisting because we did it that way, so should today’s parents.

Photographs are welcome (but not required). If I don’t feel the photo you supply is the right quality or the best fit, I’ll supply a photo.

Before submitting your blog post to me, please revise, revise, revise, and then edit for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. If I receive your submission and it requires some minor editing, I’ll edit before posting. If your submission requires revision or substantial editing, I’ll have to decline it or ask you to work on it and resubmit it.

Although I don’t pay for contributions, I’ll include your two sentence bio with your post. If you have a blog, I’ll also include a link to your blog. If you become a regular contributor (once a month or more), your photo along with your 100-word bio will be added to the Contributors’ page (coming soon).

Send your submission or the idea you’d like to write about to:

info at modernfamilystyle dot com