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Although this isn’t a parenting topic, I think you’ll find it quite useful. If it saves you a few hours of shopping for the impossible gift recipients on your list, it’s more time you can spend with your kids during the busy month of December.

I’ve used a number of these gift ideas for the man, or woman, who has everything over the years, and they’ve mostly been big hits. They sure beat the usual ties, sweaters, or bottles of cologne that are as boring to give as they are to receive.

Golf package. Give a round of golf at an elite course your gift recipient’s been dying to play, or a weekend away at a favorite golf resort.

Concert tickets. Whether the person on your list is a rocker or symphony fan, a pair of concert tickets will be a sure pleaser, especially if you can swing best seats.

Dinner at a posh restaurant. The old adage goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So buy the person on your list a gift certificate at a top-notch restaurant they’ve been reluctant to splurge on. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a gourmet meal without guilt.

Massage certificates. This luxury is sure to please anyone and can be had fairly inexpensively through Groupon.

Gadgets. A man (and even plenty of women) can never have too many of these. How about a Bluetooth speaker or headphones, multi-device charging valet, night vision binoculars, heated ice scraper, smartphone Wi-Fi storage, espresso maker, or wireless TV speakers?

gifts for the man who has everythingSporting event tickets. Whatever the person’s favorite sport, a pair of tickets, particularly to one of the top rival games, is sure to be a hit.

Remote car starter. This is an excellent gift for both hot and cold climates. With a remote starter, your gift recipient will be able to heat or cool their car before stepping out into unbearable temperatures.

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Magazine subscription. Whether the person you’re buying for is a sports fan, outdoors person, world traveler, hobbyist, professional, or business owner, there’s a magazine out there for every niche.

Record player & LPs. These are again gaining popularity. Collectible vintage model record players to brand new ones can be found online. Look for LPs at brick-n-mortar vintage record stores, antique malls, or online.

Audiobook subscription. If the person on your list loves reading but doesn’t have the time, an audio subscription may be the perfect alternative. Your gift recipient can download books to a smartphone or iPod and listen while working out or on the drive to work.

Music download subscription. It’s nearly impossible to have too much music. Subscriptions for music downloads can be found at Amazon, Napster, iTunes, eMusic, and Spotify, to name a few.

Annual non-profit membership. Make the person on your list a card-carrying member of the National Audubon Society, Earth Policy Institute, Republican National Committee, Democratic National Committee, National Coalition for the Homeless, American Humane Society, or whatever organization he takes a strong interest in. Memberships to most organizations include periodicals among many other benefits.

Chef supplies. Who says kitchen appliances and gizmos are for women only? If the man on your gift list loves playing chef, consider a top-quality butcher block knife set, rotisserie, food processor, blender, or crockpot.

A trip or weekend away. This gift could be as simple as a weekend away nearby for some rest and relaxation to a week-long trip to a favorite destination. Keep your eyes out for travel deals at Travelzoo, Travelocity, Google Flights, Airfairwatchdog, and Kayak.

Museum membership. Is the person on your list an art enthusiast or history buff? If so, look into museum memberships in your nearby metropolitan area. In addition to free entrance, museum memberships typically offer extra perks such as entry into special exhibitions, discounts on special events, and periodic newsletters.


by Kimberly Blaker
Post date: December 6, 2017

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Gift Ideas for the Man (or Woman) Who Has Everything
Article Name
Gift Ideas for the Man (or Woman) Who Has Everything
Tired of giving out the usual ties, sweaters, or bottles of cologne that feel like worn out consolation prizes? Try one of these that's sure to be a hit.
Gift Ideas for the Man (or Woman) Who Has Everything

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