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I remember how much it meant to me as a child to be able to give gifts to family and friends during the holidays. So when my kids were young, I tried to instill generosity in them by providing them the same opportunity. Some years I gave them a small allowance and took them shopping so they could pick out gifts for those on their gift list. Other years, we got creative and made things. Here are a few fun simple gifts from the heart your kids can make and give.

Simple Gifts Kids Can Make

Design a placemat. Have your child choose subjects of interest to your his or her gift recipients, such as cars, dolls, wildlife, or favorite celebrities. Clip pictures from magazines and catalogs. Then glue them to an 11” x 17” piece of poster board. Overlap the pictures to create a collage, or spread them apart and add clipped details about each. When done, laminate the placemats with self-adhesive laminating sheets, or have them laminated at an office supply.

gifts kids can makeShape decorative soaps. Grate bars of inexpensive white soap. Then mix approximately ½ cup of warm water with food coloring with a cup of shredded soap. Knead the mixture, and add additional warm water as needed until it forms like dough. Next, fill deep cookie cutters sprayed with cooking spray with the mixture, or flatten the mixture on a sheet of waxed paper, and trim it into shapes. Let the soap dry slightly. Then press the soap with small leaves or other objects and textures to create designs in the soap. Allow the decorative soaps to dry for 24 hours flipping them occasionally.

Create bookmarks. Cut colored poster board or construction paper into 2” x 7” strips. Then draw designs, add clippings from magazines, or quotes by the gift recipients’ favorite authors, artists, or historical figures. Finally, laminate them for protection.



Construct a jigsaw puzzle picture frame. Buy an inexpensive picture frame with a wide flat surface. Then glue jigsaw puzzle pieces around the frame, overlapping each other to cover the entire frame. Let the frame dry, then brush a layer of clear-drying glue over the puzzle pieces to seal them together and prevent them from falling off. Once dry, your child’s picture can be added to the frame.

Make magnetic photos. Cut a piece of cardboard from a cereal box to match the size of your child’s photo. Then glue it to the back of the photo for support, and superglue a small magnet to the cardboard.

Compose a memory book. Buy a composition book, and cover it with construction paper. Then design and decorate the cover. Inside, your child can write memories and add photos of special times with their gift recipient. Here are a few things to get your child started:  a trip to the zoo, a favorite holiday celebration, a special gift, a funny event, and any other experiences they had together.


by Kimberly Blaker
Post date: December 4, 2017

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6 Simple Gifts Kids Can Make and Give to Instill Generosity
Article Name
6 Simple Gifts Kids Can Make and Give to Instill Generosity
Here are a few fun simple gifts from the heart your kids can make and give from shaping colorful soaps to making bookmarks or a jigsaw puzzle picture frame.
6 Simple Gifts Kids Can Make and Give

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